Welcome to the Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park Texas
Big Bend National Park Texas

Explore the Big Bend National Park – prepare for a breathtaking journey across a wild and extreme beauty.

No matter how you will travel the Big Bend National Park, you will experience a beauty you might have never seen before. Rugged mountains, hot desert and an abundance of  beautiful flowers and animals will leave you speechless and make you fall in love with this special place.

The Big Bend National Park is for everyone

The Big Bend National Park is the perfect place if you want to hike, backpack, ride your bike or  make a one-day trip with your family in your car.
The isolation makes the Big Bend National Park one of the least visited, but at the same time most quiet national parks. So make sure you plan your trip wisely, as the park is far from major towns or shopping centers. Here are some tips to plan your trip to the Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend National Park Lodging

Stay in the Big Bend National Park over night and experience the beauty of the sky at night. Big Bend is known as an outstanding place for star gazing in North America. It has the least light pollution of any other national park in the lower 48 states, which means that you will be able to see up to 2.000 stars on a clear night – and a beautifully clear milky way. Read more information about Big Bend lodging.

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