The Terlingua Range Lodge

Stay overnight in the Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park offers a unique landscape with hot, deserted areas, colder mountains and a beautiful river you can follow. All this makes it worthwile to stay for  a couple of days.

For multi-day trips to the Big Bend, you have the choice to either stay in one of the lodges and cabins or on the campgrounds within the Big Bend National Park, or to stay in a motel just outside the park.

Lodges and Cabins within the Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park offers one lodge/hotel within the park itself, as well as three developed campgrounds and many backroad campsites all over the park.

The Chisos Mountains Lodge & Cabins is located high up in the Chisos Mountains in the heart of the park, and features a restaurant, convenience store and a gift shop. You can find more information on the official website of The Chisos Mountain Lodge.

Motels right outside the Big Bend National Park

There are some more small lodges and hotels outside the Big Bend in Terlingua and Marathon. Most of them offer western texas style hospitality for guests and visitors but you’ll have to drive some miles to enter the Big Bend Nationalpark.

To get to Terlingua, you will have to use the Panther Junction Road headed west and leave the park. There are even some cafes and convenience stores in Terlingua/Study Butte.


Campgrounds and campsites within the Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park Camping

There are several campsites and three developed campgrounds within the National Park itself. However, there are some limitations regarding the maximum nights you can stay within the park. Make sure you read the important information for camping within the Big Bend National Park on the website of the NPA. If your still unsure about whats right or wrong when camping in the park please don’t hesitate to contact to national park services.

There are 3 developed Camping sites within the National Park