A magical piece of remote land in Far West Texas that stretches to about 801,163 acres, where the nightly sky is as dark as coal, and hundreds of different species of birds take shelter in an isolated mountain range surrounded by river and desert, the natural beauty and extinct species of animals found in their sanctuary will leave you in awe. This enchanted place is known as the Big Bend National Park. So gear yourself up to observe a breath taking voyage through glorious, wild and magnificent beauty that you might have never witnessed previously.


The distance between the big bend national park and other services is huge. So you better be geared up with food, water, fuel and other basic necessities. There are 4 stores in the area, but they are not well equipped and stock is limited. Wear comfortable clothing, shoes and a wide brimmed hat. ATM’s and WIFI services are available in the park.

Big bend is usually running to capacity November through April. The park is almost full during the thanksgiving week, spring breaks, Christmas holidays and winter breaks. Therefore, advanced reservation of you lodge is recommended.

Bringing a pet along might serve as a hindrance to your enjoyment. Predators and unpredictable temperatures can pose a threat to your pets safety.

  • Follow safety guidelines and know your location at all times
  • Cell phone services are limited in certain areas.
  • Take care of your own valuables and vehicles
  • If you notice any sort of illegal activity at the park, do not hesitate to call 911
  • Please avoid roaming on unauthorized trails
  • Carrying one gallon of water a day per person is recommended
  • designate a driver before drinking alcohol
  • carry a map and compass with you at all times
  • never feed wildlife



  • Marathon
  • The chisos mountain lodge restaurant and patio
  • Study butte
  • Terlingua
  • The curio in the basin
  • Lajitas
  • Big bend national park food

Chisos Mountain Lodge is the sole accommodation option inside the park. You can call them up on 877-386-4383 and choose from a variety of their rooms and cottages.


Getting to the park is half of the fun, but not if your trip is not well planned. You can surely drive to the park but since the distance from major populated cities is huge, you might want to consider other alternatives to save money, stress and time. Fly in and rent a car. This is an enjoyable way to explore west Texas Mountains and the big bend national park. You can also travel by train. Your vacation begins as your train journey begins.


  • Costolon Historic District
  • Persimmon gap
  • Chisos Basin
  • Rio Grande Village
  • Boquillas Canyon
  • Hot Springs Historic District
  • Bird watching
  • Day hikes
  • Scenic drives
  • Stargazing
  • Mountain biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Wildlife observation
  • River trips
  • Nightlife
  • Spas and retreats
  • Golf
  • Air tours

To experience a memorable trip, it is advised to plan your trip ahead. The big bend national park is humungous and cannot be completely explored at a time. Decide on places to visit and things to do. Book your reservations ahead, because the lodges are usually running on full capacity.